#CRG 2011: Game 3

There were two major stars at Saturday’s tailgate:

1. The incredible weather and…

2. These lil dessert tarts that someone brought.

We couldn’t get enough of both.

Kristen had, at minimum, five of these lil guys, but we’re not gonna hold it against her since she accomplished an amazing feat earlier that morning. You deserved them K!

Someone is very upset (maybe?) that he didn’t get any tarts. And someone else, is happy they did.

Birch (sp?) came to me and said, “Hey brown lady, can you please feed me one of those tarts since my master hasn’t fed me in days?” I couldn’t imagine anyone not feeding a face like that.

Since I couldn’t give her the tarts, for safety reasons, I gave her the next best thing…

She gobbled up two pieces like she had never eaten before. I told her that I’d report her master to PETA.

I don’t remember seeing this at the last tailgates. Goes to show just how observant we all are. Gotta say, the keeper of this nest is sure a lil badass for playing with life & death, literally.

You know it’s time to wrap things up and almost game time when Bobby rings the cow bell…but first, he had to finish up some important business…

Two lil stamps: our tickets to document all-things derby, to our blogging hearts’ content. Thank you Missprint!


I wonder when Tom will start paying for all the PR Alex sends his way?

Let the games begin!

Bobby being checked by Jenemy for his “bad behavior.”

In all the games that I’ve been to, I’ve never seen such a set of adorable kids who were completely besides themselves and falling over walls trying to get the Rollergirls and Wooly Bully’s attention. They were screaming cheers and support for the team the whole time…until the creepy, scary and mean security guy came over and shooed them away.

For whatever reason, Wooly Bully thought it would be funny to go tease the bad ass bitches, otherwise known as the Napton Roller Girls. Dora the Destroyer was NOT amused.

Luckily, Bob, being the ambassador that he is, crossed “enemy” lines and tried to smooth our national derby relations by posing with her.

For being these guys’ first time at the rodeo, boy did they put us long-time fans to shame showing up with their game faces on!


Taco Azul: not a bad snack after all that roughing & tumbling…not at all.

~ by Maureen on May 4, 2011.

6 Responses to “#CRG 2011: Game 3”

  1. Nice pictures Mojo!
    That was a pretty cool night over all, what a blast.

  2. I followed this link from the CRG fb page…I was so blue because I had to miss Saturday night’s bout, but your pictures were so fabulous, they made me feel like I was there!

  3. I vow to never miss another CRG derby again! 😦

  4. Great photos! I love seeing Babycuda (that’s just what I call him) in the sling and with his headphones.

    Oh wow, I thought I might be too much of a fan by telling Nastee she’s my favorite, but at least I’m not carrying her around on my shoulders.

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