Alexa’s Real-Life Disney Princess Birthday Party!

Not every one gets asked the following question,

“Would Mandi dress up as Princess Jasmine for my six-year-old goddaughter Alexa’s princess birthday party?”

So needless to say, when Alecia (my boss) proposed aforementioned question, I knew it was Now all I had to do was convince Mandi AKA Princess Jasmine. Thank goodness I had already exposed her to the world of princess birthday parties… cuz she said yes, almost immediately. Luckily, for Mandi, she was in outstanding princess company.

Needless to say, this was a first for Mandi and for me.

Now I can add “Disney Princess Party Photographer” to my resume!

Thanks Alecia for asking us to be part of Alexa’s special day!

Princess Power to all!

The party was held at Inspiring Kind Boutique Bakery in Anderson. Their butter shortbread cookies are CRACK COCAINE!! I hate/love Alecia for introducing these addictive morsels into our world. SOOOO GOOOD! GET SOME NOW!

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~ by Maureen on March 14, 2012.

One Response to “Alexa’s Real-Life Disney Princess Birthday Party!”

  1. This was an absolutely wonderful party. Thank you so much for making a special day even more spectacular.

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