‘Nati NYE

The night started off with an early Indian dinner buffet with Stephanie, Sam, Baby Abiel, Adam & Mandi. Then, since the weather was so (un)seasonably warm (60 degrees!), we decided to let Abiel try his first taste of Graeter’s.

No Food Feuds epic battle needed here for a verdict…Abiel loves Graeter’s!

After dinner & dessert, we parted ways with Steph, Sam & Baby Abiel and headed down to Fountain Square for their NYE festivities.

For those wanting the whole Times-Square-feel-right-here-at-home-on-a-much-smaller-scale, can definitely find it on Fountain Square.

I still can’t get over how many people showed up within the 11:30 hour. I don’t think one inch of the square was free of a human occupant. It was absolutely insane.

So glad we got there early and snagged great seats.

We were starving after the fireworks, so we decided to hit up Via Vitae for some late night grub and eventually, what ended up being our very first meal of 2011…[very excellent] pizza & beer.

All in all, it was a pretty fantastic NYE in the ‘Nati.

~ by Maureen on January 5, 2011.

One Response to “‘Nati NYE”

  1. OK, the pictures aren’t as small as I was thinking so scratch everything I said at lunch.
    They should do a Times square style ball drop except with a pig!
    How awesome would that be?

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