A Memorable Girls’ Night

Last Saturday night, my girlfriend Toni and I got all gussied up to meet up for a ladies night out on the town to celebrate her birthday.

We had big plans: meet a new girlfriend, then dinner and dancing downtown to end the night.

It was truly a fabulous night, and while dinner and dancing were both memorable in their own rights, it was meeting our new girlfriend that left the lasting impression on us.

You know the stereotypes of women being intimidated by other strong, beautiful, accomplished, powerful women?

Well, Toni and I totally didn’t succumb to those stereotypes when we met this new girlfriend, instead, we both were simply blown away by her.

Blown away by her charm, intelligence, prowess, poise, finesse, grace, mystery, wit, ambition, drive, passion, regality & magnetism.

Blown away by her fluency in seven languages; authorship of numerous books; ease with numbers and figures; political and scholarly achievements; insatiable hunger for knowledge and learning; commandeering of naval forces, as well as both the left and right sides of her brain.

Blown away by her blinding fierceness for protecting her children, their destiny, her family name and honor.

Blown away by her blinding patriotism and fierceness in defending her country.

Blown away by her impeccable eye and taste for creating trends in the beauty/cosmetics, home decor and fashion/style arenas.

Blown away by her insatiable hunger for power, greed, money, wealth, riches, influence, relevance, significance and legacy.

Blown away by her vulnerabilities, insecurities, fears, strengths, desires, passions, romanticism, softness, hardness, hopes and dreams.

But I think the one thing that blew Toni and I away the most about how much of a role model this new girlfriend was -and just how many light years she was ahead of her own time and people- was the fact that she was light years ahead of ours.

That, and the fact that she had been dead since 30 BC.

But that tiny detail didn’t matter to Toni and I, because that night we both felt an instant connection to this incredible woman and considered her our new girl-friend. It didn’t matter that time separated her world from ours. Standing there, immersed in her world, she felt more like a modern-day woman, than a legend lost to the sands of time.

That was the night, we fell in love with Cleopatra.

The beauty of it all, is that you too can fall in love with her… but you have only until September 5th to do so.

So make sure to meet up with her…you’ll never forget when you do.

Photo provided by Cincinnati Museum Center

~ by Maureen on August 24, 2011.

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