It was a pretty epic ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!” holiday weekend.

Saturday: Took Steph, Sam and Abiel to Parky’s Wetland Adventure at Woodland Mound Park for some fun in the water and our first time at a splash ground. It was a whole lot of whimsical wet fun!

Then, on an impromptu whim, we decided to head to the Beach Water Park to continue the day of fun in the sun/water (and pet a goat and see llamas…so wrong.)

Sunday: Yelp’s Pre-4th Picnic on Fountain Square.

3 highlights:

1. Debut of my “HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!” stunna shades.

2. My drink tweets.

3. All my drink tweets that contained “@MyFountainSqr” being shown on the big screen, on a continuous loop, after the Iron Man 2 screening ended. My favorite one? Exhibit A: https://twitter.com/#!/mojojacob/status/87668358245396480

My parents would be so proud!

Monday: My 3rd annual tradition of attending Northside’s 4th of July Parade & Festival. Nothing says “HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!” like it. Well, besides me in my stunna shades.

~ by Maureen on July 6, 2011.

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