American & Indian Do “Italians”

This summer I vowed to myself that I would make it a memorable one and experience a lot of things.

I also vowed that I would start using my camera and capture all the memories.

And I vowed that I would blog about it all.

Well, I managed to deliver two out of the three promises.

And while I was on a roll about blogging every day, all it took was one day for me to fall off the wagon and before you knew it, the posts started to pile up, the pictures accumulated and the memories remained trapped on my camera and hard drive.

In a nutshell, I became a very bad blogger.

These posts are my attempt to make good on that last promise and rectify my bad blogging past.

I’m going back in time and gathering all the memories before the year’s up and it’s too late…

Newport’s annual “Italianfest” is really a misnomer.

I don’t know how the organizers came up with finalizing their selection of food vendors or defining what’s “Italian,” but whatever it was, it was a huge dud this year. Remembering the festivals of years past, I don’t remember it sucking as much as it did this year. Maybe it had to do with the rainy weather. Or maybe…everyone else just felt the same way Adam and I did.

Disappointed with the food & turnout, we wanted to make the best of our afternoon, so we decided to spend our time, money and calories wisely by checking out the carnival area instead.

Adam was so sweet. He won me an official carnival prize!

First step: Setting my eyes on the prize.

Second step: Making Adam work for said prize.

Third step 3:  Prize acquired! Thanks babe!

Now off to celebrate!

Nothing says “CELEBRATION!” like fried foods.


We ended the night with my first ride on a Ferris wheel!


~ by Maureen on October 27, 2010.

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