Late Lunch

Of the thousands of pics I’ve taken so far, this is the best one I’ve taken and my favorite…so far.

Figures it would be nature/animal (insect) related. It’s a miracle I even captured the lil bugger, since it was by chance I saw/heard him flitting around as I was leaving the park. He was just destined to be captured and frozen in time.

The lil Sony 8.1 mega-pixel Cyber-shot definitely pulled through for me. Original pic…point, click, no manipulation, either pre or post.

I think my Dad would be proud.

Can’t wait to see which pic, bumps this one off the pedestal…and my current desktop background.

*Off exploring with camera*

Taken June 2010 at Mirror Lake in Eden Park, Cincinnati, Ohio.

~ by Maureen on October 14, 2010.

One Response to “Late Lunch”

  1. The camera is just a tool, you still need the eye to see the picture. Sometimes I think the limitations of the camera are what makes the picture, if someone came along right behind you and used some megabuck camera, it might be technically perfect but would the composition be any better?

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