Happy (Surprise!) Birthday David A.!

This summer I vowed to myself that I would make it a memorable one and experience a lot of things.

I also vowed that I would start using my camera and capture all the memories.

And I vowed that I would blog about it all.

Well, I managed to deliver two out of the three promises.

And while I was on a roll about blogging every day, all it took was one day for me to fall off the wagon and before you knew it, the posts started to pile up, the pictures accumulated and the memories remained trapped on my camera and hard drive.

In a nutshell, I became a very bad blogger.

These posts are my attempt to make good on that last promise and rectify my bad blogging past.

I’m going back in time and gathering all the memories before the year’s up and it’s too late…

When Laura put out the bat signal (for some reason I envision that signal would be in the shape of a wedge of cheese, craft beer bottle, math equation or chess piece) that she was planning a surprise birthday party for her hubby David A. on June 22, we immediately rallied together determined to make this particular acknowledgment of his day of birth the most memorable one he’d ever had.

Laura did most of the work and when Adam, David C. and I showed up early at Chuck’s place (who most graciously hosted the celebration), she politely asked, “Can you please help me finish decorating while I go get David?”

We of course eagerly obliged.

So, while Laura was away, Adam & I agreed that it was absolutely imperative that we honor David A. on his birthday in some significant fashion. We decided to “make” a special chair for him…

Then we were inspired to do things with the streamers.

We just wanted our work to speak for itself and let everyone know our sincere joy for David A. being born.

Our artistic expression was cut short, when Laura texted that she and David A. were headed up to Chuck’s!

So we rallied the troops that had started to arrive, into assuming a formation we called, “the surprise stance.”

It was hard to keep Bob focused on assuming anything, but who can blame him? If I could balance and operate a camera on a watermelon, blow air into a birthday streamer wand AND yell, “SURPRISE!”…I’d be showing off too.

So we assumed and yelled, and I think we did a fantastic job in surprising David A. YAY! Good job gang!

But then I think we scared him since there was definite trepidation on his part on whether he should stay and partake of the festivities planned in his honor…or bolt out the door.

David A.’s dad convinced him to be polite and at least fake it and smile for everyone. So he did.

And then somehow, Laura coaxed him to stay by offering him a birthday sombrero and that’s when the party officially started.

Actually, the party officially started when Laura started making her “special bday punch.”

Needless to say, the punch induced everyone into a straight-up frenzy…and by “everyone,” I mean Erin Marie

We tried to calm things down by distracting ourselves and pigging out on the Montgomery Inn that Laura had catered.

As the only vegetarian in the house, I had to have my own back, protein-wise.

Luckily, I made out like a bandit.

And then it was time for cake!

Everyone thinks that Dojo is in the gelato-slinging biz. Don’t get me wrong, they certainly are, but they’re also in the moonlighting biz of making custom gelato birthday cakes for only those they deem worthy…or those who go by the alias, “Mr. Belvedere.”

Behold…a German chocolate Dojo cake in all it’s glory…

Here’s a neat lil game you can play! If you can count how many candles are on the cake, then you can mathematically conclude how old David A. is. Even a fifth grader could figure it out!

Initially when Laura contacted us about the party, there was no mention of David A. getting third-degree burns. I swear. But that David A. kept persisting. He eventually calmed down though and got everything outta his system.

I don’t think we really liked the cake that much. Guess you win some, you lose some. Such is life.

And as if there wasn’t enough cake, Laura made her funfetti cake balls.

And then outta left field, David A. was suddenly overcome with reckless emotion. He tried to restrain it, but he failed miserably. But it was totally understandable. We forgave him for it later.

He requested that he be left alone while he ate his cakes. Hey, his birthday, his day, his way. No one challenged him. Especially since it was what he had wished for.

It was cool. Everyone just kinda did their own thing and kept themselves entertained…

Eventually, David A. decided to be social again.

And then Chuck asked, “What’s a birthday celebration without a lil bubbly?!”

And proceeded to whip out his “lil friend.”

At first, we were all confused what this sharp object had to do with bubbly and celebrating. Even David A. was perplexed…and he was the “math one.”

Chuck told us to just sit back and watch.

So we did as we were told.

And then it’s like a light bulb went off…and we all realized that the whole demo, the whole party even, were just excuses for Chuck to impress both the ladies…AND the gents with his sword-wielding prowess.

Don’t believe me?

Well, consider Exhibit A and B…

Whatever the reason, we were sold, and a good time was had by all.


~ by Maureen on October 8, 2010.

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