Tweetdeck Party

This summer I vowed to myself that I would make it a memorable one and experience a lot of things.

I also vowed that I would start using my camera and capture all the memories.

And I vowed that I would blog about it all.

Well, I managed to deliver two out of the three promises.

And while I was on a roll about blogging every day, all it took was one day for me to fall off the wagon and before you knew it, the posts started to pile up, the pictures accumulated and the memories remained trapped on my camera and hard drive.

In a nutshell, I became a very bad blogger.

These posts are my attempt to make good on that last promise and rectify my bad blogging past.

I’m going back in time and gathering all the memories before the year’s up and it’s too late…

Technically, the calendar said May 1st, and the gathering was referred to as the “Parker Flats Spring Celebration,” but really it was the official welcoming of warmer temperatures and became the party that set the tone for the parties/gatherings/tweetups that awaited us in the summer.

Bob and Erin Marie opened up the tweetdeck, Molly Wellman made specialty cocktails with Hoist as the main ingredient (and sponsor of the party), and everyone brought food…it was the perfect way to start the Spring/Summer off.

Bobby didn’t need to hire that fire thrower from his last big party, since the real entertainment was the “couple” (and I use the term lightly since we all assumed the “he” was a pimp & the “she” was a ho) fighting in the parking lot across the street. There was a lot of her getting in the car, the car stopping, she stomping away cursing, he “pursuing” her and encouraging her to stay and get back in the car…repeat. There was even a moment it looked like he was gonna use the car as a weapon and she was the target. He even took the time for a “pee timeout.” We did call the cops on them, but I guess there are more important things for CPD to worry about than a possible pimp/ho showdown.

Check out Bob’s take (and better pics) on the party.

~ by Maureen on October 7, 2010.

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