Happy (Belated) Birthday



Figures it would take me until the 1st of October to blog about my birthday (Sept 18), but like they say, better late than never. Right?!


I feel like it took me this long to really soak in and absorb everything that happened. The amount of love and well wishes I got from everyone was truly humbling. I shed many tears thinking about how overwhelmed I was by my family, loved ones and friends.

Firstly, I want to thank everyone behind the Raise the Roof 5k, specifically, Kevin Wright and Jennifer Day. I’ve already talked about the amazing stuff that Kevin & Jennifer promised to do for my bday. I’m more than happy to report that they delivered on their promises! Thank you for the amazing cakes, the bday DJ song dedications and the group birthday song serenade. Your kindness and thoughtfulness will never be forgotten.

Photo by Wendy Magee Photography http://wendymagee.shutterfly.com

Photo by Wendy Magee Photography http://wendymagee.shutterfly.com

Secondly, I want to thank my #CakeEntourage who braved the early time and literal miles ahead to support Team Mojo and a good cause.

Thank you Adam, Mandi, Megan, Eric, Janet, Rebeka and JT for being there. You guys totally rock!


So how did I do at my first 5K attempt you may be asking?

Well let’s just put it this way…this guy finished before me…


But, it’s cool.

At least I finished.


Here’s proof.

Proof that I finished badly.

But at least I finished!


And even though I didn’t get a medal, I’m so happy that my baby did. He deserved one for putting up with my pace the whole time. He even let me finish the 5K ahead of him! Now, that’s love…and 5K chivalry! 🙂


And then it was time for the real reason I was even at the 5K…cake!

I can’t say enough thank yous to James and Take the Cake Cafe for, no exaggeration here, donating THE most delicious cake that I’ve ever had in my 31 years of life! It was simply unreal. I mean, look at it already!

Photo by Wendy Magee Photography http://wendymagee.shutterfly.com/

Also, a special thanks to The BonBonerie for donating a cake and assorted pastries as well!


I mean c’mon, is there a better way to end a 5K other than cutting into a cake?


That’s what I thought.

Check out all the rest of Mandi’s 5K pics here.

And check out the rest of the official Raise the Roof 5k pics by Wendy Magee here.

After the 5K,  Mandi and Adam treated me to a fabulous dinner at Table. Soo good!

Thanks Jean-Robert for such a fab bday din din! 🙂

The night ended at the Ludlow Bromley Yacht Club with a party that Mandi organized. The party was really just an excuse to have a tweetup. Cuz how could I celebrate my birthday without a tweetup somehow being involved, right?


Thank you to all who came out and pretended with me to be at a tropical bar celebrating along beautiful tropical waters.

Thanks to (left to right): Hollie, Mandi, Kristen, Megan, Julie, Erin Marie, Adam, Shawn, Stephanie, Alex, JT, Eric, Fadi, David, Jess, Britton, Chuck (not pictured), and Bob! (also not pictured, cuz he took the pic!) Special thanks to Fadi, Kristen, Hollie and Stephanie for the bottles of wine & liquor. Thanks to Jess for the awesome jewelry and Bob and Erin Marie for the Hello Kitty card!

Last, but not least, I want to say a special thank you to the loves in my life that made my birthday extra special this year.

Mandi, thank you for the delicious cupcakes, organizing the tweetup party, dinner, thoughtful gifts and card, 5K T-shirts and pics. You totally made my birthday memorable, and for that, I am eternally grateful. I love you.

Adam, thanks for your thoughtful card, gifts and dinner. I will never forget how you, literally, ran by my side during the 5K. Meant so much to me. Thanks for being there for me on my special day. I love you.

And a special thanks to my Mom and Dad (for giving me life) and my family in PA for sending me gifts, cards and wishes.

Also, a special thanks to all those who tweeted, texted, called or FBed me well wishes!

What a 31st!

I am…and was…truly blessed.

And it was all because of you.

Thank you.

I love you all.


~ by Maureen on October 1, 2010.

4 Responses to “Happy (Belated) Birthday”

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  2. YAY, had a blast at the yacht club and I’m so proud of you for run/walking the 5k.

  3. Sorry I didn’t make it to the Yacht Club! I was sooo exhausted I went right to bed after I got home at 8:30ish! So lame! 😉

    Thanks for the mention, too bad that picture of me is just awful!!! You totally deserved all that happened on your birthday. Just another huge reminder that you matter to a God who loves you. 🙂 I’m just glad I could be a part of it! 😀

  4. Thank you for including me in your special day! It was a blast! Next year we will totally OWN that 5k.

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