(Literally) Rockin My First 5K

So the countdown for my first official 5K is officially on!

Only four more days!


I can’t believe it!

As most everyone does, I rely heavily on music to keep me motivated throughout my “training”/workouts.

Here’s the play list that’s been getting me through my workouts…

I’m so dependent on music that I even went to Bob Roncker’s Running Spot in O’Bryonville and got myself a new pair of running shoes (my old New Balances were more than 10 years old!) that are Nike+ compatible and a Nike + iPod Sport Kit to ensure I have the best music training system come race day.

Bear with me for a second…

As Fiona served as judge of whether or not my new kicks passed the quality control test…

Let’s see what we’ve got here…

They taste decent…

The box sure does feel nice…

Okay, okay, fine! You did good mommy! I love them! *In Gollum tone & hiss* My precioussssssssssssssssssssssss

Okay, okay, so back to the music…

Of all the songs on my play list, it figures that it would take two Indians to motivate this fat-ass Indian to do her best during her workouts.

And that’s why A.R. Rahman and M.I.A. are numero uno on the list.

This song gets me going every.single.time. Makes me feel like I can do anything with it playing in the background, including running a 5K.

If this song’s opening, beats and M.I.A.’s straight up badassness don’t move some part of your body when you hear them…regardless if you understand some of the words or not…then you have no soul. Period.

I’ll definitely have this on repeat the day of my 5K.

~ by Maureen on September 14, 2010.

4 Responses to “(Literally) Rockin My First 5K”

  1. I used to have a bunch of workout playlists…including one of all modern Indian/techno stuff…I’ll have to get you a copy! Looking forward to this weekend!

    • yes! please do! looking forward to hearing them! after all, i have only you to thank for my new love for the loyal divide and the XX! 🙂

      see you saturday!

  2. You’ve definitely got my fave song to run to on there… Let it Rock! I want to run in place just when I hear it on the radio or out somewhere! hahah 🙂

    I’ll have to hook up my MP3 player and see the list I made!

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