Celebrating the Big 3-1.

So the sis has taken it upon herself to organize a lil shindig in honor of my upcoming 31st year of life here on earth.

If you wanna come out, get wasted and have a lil fun at Cintucky’s version of a Florida bar, just RSVP and show up.

We’ll sway to live music, drink tropical drinks and pretend that we’re at a bar on a tropical island, on a tropical beach watching the beautiful tropical water splash by.

Hey, it’s my bday people! I can dream/pretend can’t I?!

Don’t take that away from me.


You can get all the deets, here.

Don’t make me drink all by myself like some old lady.


And if you aren’t really into being social, cool, drunk or you get easily seasick at night, then you still can help me celebrate my bday and help out a great cause by being part of my Cake Entourage earlier in the day!

Don’t make me run by myself.



~ by Maureen on September 9, 2010.

One Response to “Celebrating the Big 3-1.”

  1. […] night ended at the Ludlow Bromley Yacht Club with a party that Mandi organized. The party was really just an excuse to have a tweetup. Cuz how could I […]

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