WEBN Riverfest 2010: #BoomBoomPow!

It was an absolutely gorgeous night for this year’s WEBN 2010 Riverfest.

And it was by God’s blessing that we hardly any trouble getting to Newport without any traffic troubles, despite only leaving the house after 6p.m. (I wish that was the case for post-Riverfest.)

Sure we got there early, but at least we got to see the awesome sunset.

I’m glad that we made it out, since it was Adam’s first Riverfest.

We decided to check out our usual spot on the Taylor Southgate bridge. A stranger who had extra Riverfest bridge passes, was kind enough to let us be part of his party, so we were official, official and guaranteed a drama-free night. How does one repay a stranger’s kindness? I’m kicking myself for not insisting I get his email address so that I could at least email him our pics.

Of the more than 400 pics I took, I managed to narrow it down to the 200 best I captured (all are featured in the slideshow below.)

My faves of the 200, are highlighted individually.

Thanks once again WEBN for rocking our faces off!

It was boomtastic!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


~ by Maureen on September 7, 2010.

2 Responses to “WEBN Riverfest 2010: #BoomBoomPow!”

  1. Nice pics Maureen, so glad you ended up with a good spot for watching the show.

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