Let (Them Run) and Eat Cake!

Couple of weeks ago, I totally had a Bogart-in-Casablanca moment.

It all started with a 2:13 p.m. check-in at my home gym…

Which somehow elicited this response from the @RaisetheRoof5K folks…

Which in turn, I retorted with…

To which they responded…

I thought to myself, of all the runners (and trust me, by no means am I classifying myself as a runner) out there in the local Cintucky Twitterverse, why did the Raise the Roof 5K folks have to contact me??!! And! It was like they knew me and my weakness…food. How did they know??!!

What really got me though, was the irony of everything.

A few weeks before all of this, I had told the sis and the boyfriend, that I decided, for my upcoming 31st birthday on September 18th, that I was gonna give myself a present.

Not the latest iPhone or Brazilian Keratin treatment or a trip to Europe or New York…though, trust me, those would be AWESOME bday gifts!

This year, I decided to give myself the gift of health.

It’s been a really rough 2010 for me so far. A lot of ups and downs, trials & tribulations and through it all, I started to not really care about my health/fitness. I gained a bunch of weight. I was feeling insecure and hated how I felt.

I just made a simple promise to myself: just do something,  just get moving.

I just wanted that “ugly, fat” feeling to not be with me there on my upcoming bday.

So, with almost only a month until my bday, I vowed to make it happen…

So you can understand my total shock and surprise, that of all the marathons and runs (ok, there’s not that many), that it just so happens that the Raise the Roof 5K falls on my birthday at Sharon Woods (beautiful at this time of year in the fall!) and is hosted by the Cincinnati Habitat Young Professionals and benefits the Cincy Habitat for Humanity!

Trust me, I had no intention of running in an official 5K. I was just content on running my 5K on my treadmill at home.

But I took it as a sign. A divine sign.

And you know me and my love of divine signs…

And so I went for it…

So far, I have 10 people part of what I lovingly like to refer to as my “Cake Entourage!”:

1. Megan

2. Kate

3. Kevin

4. Clint

5. Janet

6. J.T.

7. Adam

8. Monika

9. Kristen

10. Rebeka

I was overwhelmed with the support and response I got from my tweeps! It really touched me.

So not only am I now doing this 5K for myself and Habitat for Humanity, but now I have 10 (hopefully more) people to be accountable to.

This is certainly not how I would’ve planned out my 31st bday, but as with everything else in my life, God takes control and I just go along for the ride…or in this case, the run!

So if you wanna come see me sweat my way through my first 5K, while supporting a great cause, let me know! I’ll add you to my “Cake Entourage!”

You can register for the Saturday 9/18 Raise the Roof 5k Run/Walk and get all the info you need about the event, here.

Registration starts at 8:30 a.m. and the run/walk starts at 10 a.m. Stick around for the after party with free bday cake (!), DJ, games & raffles, food from Findlay Market vendors and beer from Mt. Carmel Brewery!

A special thank you to the Raise the Roof 5K and CHYP folks for contacting me and turning this into a fun event for me and my friends!

Let’s run, eat cake and help a good cause!

What a great HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME this will be!

It’ll certainly be a first for me…in 31 years of life!


~ by Maureen on September 3, 2010.

8 Responses to “Let (Them Run) and Eat Cake!”

  1. YAY! good for you. Somewhere along the line you’ll get addicted to working out and it will just be part of your life.

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  3. Woooohooo…happy to be a part of the cake entourage….it will be well deserved after the race!!!!

  4. Best of luck to you!!!

  5. Maureen- The way God works is amazing. I’m really excited to have met you through this process, and I’m really looking forward to celebrating your 31st birthday with you. Your story through this post has really touched me. I’ve had a pretty tough last year also, and I’m kind of experiencing a transformation right now also… I can’t wait to meet you in person and chat some more!

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