#SushiRampage: SOHO Sushi Cincinnati

Everyone’s been talking/raving about SOHO Sushi.

And what were the two things that everyone was saying?

1. “The sushi is great!”


2. “Why are they only open for lunch and not dinner?!”

There’s a lot to the power of the people’s collective word [demands]…because SOHO is now finally open for dinner!

The mark of a successful, new business venture lies in its owners’ ability to hear…and actually respond…to what their target market/demographic has to say/wants. It’s absolutely imperative. Make or break, if you will.

Another mark of a successful, new business venture?

Its owners’ ability in NOT being pretentious douchebags.

How many new places have sprouted around town (non-food related included) you’ve been dying to check out, only to be put off by management’s hoity-toity douchebaggery?

What’s up with that? It’s a certain air of, “You must worship me, because I have all this money to open a new business that’s the latest buzz and everyone’s just dying to check out…so worship me/kiss my ass you peon bitch!”

I bet if you looked up “douchebag business owners” in the dictionary, you’d see all those people’s pics by the definition.

Know whose pics you WON’T see?

Zach and Stephan’s.

Sure, they look like a couple of life-long, freshman college buddies who’re working as part-time servers/sushi artists for the summer at the hottest sushi place in downtown Cincy…which may/or may not be owned by the proverbial douchebag business owner.

But here’s the kicker…

They ARE the owners…and the servers…and the sushi artists.

…but they ARE NOT douchebags.

Our next #sushirampage had been in the planning stages for weeks and we all decided that we just HAD to check out SOHO…just one problem: none of us could make it for their lunch hours. So thanks to Cincinnati Nomerati, Zach & Stephan agreed to host a special night for us to come sample their goods.

And while our group kept postponing our rampage until SOHO actually started its new dining hours, Zach and Stephan still accommodated our group of [sometimes] loud, nosey, picture-snapping, behind-the-scenes snooping starving sushi freaks, foodies and bloggers.

One thing that kept our rampage still special from the other patrons was that Zach & Stephan let us BYOB, which definitely made the sushi go down smoother!

So the sushi…

It was delicious! And inexpensive! The most expensive roll on the menu is $6.50 and that includes the steak, tuna, salmon & shrimp options!

Here are some tips:

1. Don’t get too carried away ordering! The rolls are huge! All of us ended up getting two rolls each, which was WAY too much for one person to eat. And trust me, leftover sushi is never a good thing, so stick to ordering one roll first, then get more if you can.

2. Love sushi but don’t like the taste of seaweed? Then get the soy wrap for your order instead of the traditional seaweed wrap. The soy provides a neutral taste, so those of you who can’t get past the salty/fishy/sea-y taste of seaweed can enjoy all the rolls to your heart’s content!

3. Listen to the sushi artists’ recommendations. Stephan suggested a combination of sauces and seasonings to try on the rolls, which, for a first-time rampager, can be a great help in navigating the menu board of 10 “toppings” options.

4. Skip the seaweed (wakame) salad. It was a little on the salty side. Which says a lot coming from this salt fiend.

5. Go with a group of people (get your own hashtag though, since #sushirampage is ours and taken!) and do it tapas style, ordering different types of rolls and sharing with everyone. SOHO’s prices make it the best place to experiment for first-time rampagers.

So, we raise our chopsticks to you Zach & Stephan for spearheading this cool concept of “fast-food” sushi.

And thanks for not being douchebags.

We can’t wait to come back and rampage again!

Here are all the deets for those interested in having a rampage of their own:

SOHO Sushi

28 W. 4th St., Cincinnati, OH, 45202



No website, yet.

(513) 246-4261

M-F 11a-8p

Sat 11a-3p

Also, check out the 5chw4r7z‘s take (and better pics) on our rampage.

~ by Maureen on July 1, 2010.

2 Responses to “#SushiRampage: SOHO Sushi Cincinnati”

  1. YAY!! I’m glad you guys, hell I’m glad we were all able to make it together.
    Good times.
    And thanks for the shoutout!

  2. had a great time–thanks for the reference! I’m glad Zach and Stephen were up for it. Pool time soon on an (overcast) evening?

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