No Reservations: An Evening with Anthony Bourdain

So why would a former vegan/current vegetarian voluntarily agree to go see Anthony Bourdain (who’s notorious for bashing veg heads) when he came to Cincy last night?

Well, 1. It’s Anthony Bourdain people.

And 2. I needed to serve as escort/bodyguard for the sis and make sure she didn’t go all crazy and try to run up on stage and bear tackle the guy.

Seemed like the entire foodie/fan contingent was at the Aronoff to see Bourdain “talk shit” in a surprisingly funny stand-up comedy/anecdotal routine. Just like he is on his shows, Bourdain kept the crowd entertained, engaged and LOLing throughout his two hours on stage. To get a rehash of exactly what he said, check out wine me, dine me’s take on the night (nice rehash Julie!)

We kept pinching ourselves at our incredible seats! We literally could reach out, while seated, and touch the stage. It was pretty effing cool.

We also got a chance to meet Bourdain after the talk.

Somehow, we managed to be among the first five to meet him/get our books signed, which was a blessing, since the line for the book signing ended up wrapping all the way from the first floor up to the second floor, and Bourdain ended up signing for almost two hours.

I tried to get Bourdain to come to the Righteous Room with us after to get a drink and meet other local foodies/fans, but the exhausted look he gave me (and the huge line forming ahead) told me that this would probably be the last time I would see him off the screen and in person.

We also talked about his visit to India and we offered to be his official tour guides/cordially invited him to explore Nevis, our home in the Caribbean. He said that he had never been. Here’s hoping he’ll [someday] take up us on our offer.

All, in all, it was worth the money to see Bourdain.

If you missed him and still wanna catch him live & raw in the flesh, check out his remaining tour dates.


~ by Maureen on June 28, 2010.

3 Responses to “No Reservations: An Evening with Anthony Bourdain”

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