Final Friday: Just Won’t Be the Same Anymore

What a difference a month makes.

A month ago, *THE* place to be in the OTR for Final Friday was OUTSIDE.

Terry, the grand master of it all, welcomed everyone into his almost empty shop with an uncanny infectious smile, warm bear hugs, a thoughtfully and lovingly prepared homemade Mexican spread…and plenty shots of top shelf tequila.

For a moment, you forgot that this was a going away party. The last time that Terry would be part of the Final Friday rotation. The last time that OUTSIDE would be open. For a moment, you forgot it would all be gone forever.

But that’s why Terry is such a great guy. Instead of beating himself up and crying in a fetal position about the turn of events in his life, he threw a party. A party for those who saw him through everything, from the very first day he opened his doors, till those very last, Tequila-enhanced hours, that Friday night.

Terry’s just that kinda guy.

He’s a dreamer, a believer, a man of faith and hope…a fighter.

And while one door closed in his life…

He always has one eye on the future, for the promise of a new day and the hope of another door opening in his life…

Our moods were definitely somber as we continued on with the rest of Final Friday because we all knew, that in a month…it just wouldn’t be the same anymore…without Terry.

Thank you Terry…for the memories…for your unique tastes.

You’ll be missed.

God speed, friend.

God speed.


~ by Maureen on May 28, 2010.

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