#WatchThis, #65: Silence of the Lambs

That Wednesday May 12th morning started off in complete darkness. The weather was gloomy, stormy and eerie. And although the weather cleared up and the sun came out later in the day, it was the absolutely perfect intro for the sis and I to play hostesses for one of our favorite movies and the next installment of Alex & Allison’s #WatchThis: Silence of the Lambs.

And since Mandi and I have a tendency to go all out as hostesses (it’s really not our fault…it’s just an Indian cultural thing ingrained in us from birth)…well we decided to go all out!

First order of things, matching the food theme to the movie theme.

If you’re gonna watch #SOTL, you gotta have fava beans and Chianti. You just gotta.

And since fava beans are a staple of the Mediterranean diet, we decided that we’d go Medi for the food theme.

The spread: My “faux” lamb tarts and fava bean dip/hummus; Mandi’s chicken & pork satay with spicy dipping sauce; her roasted vegetable Tzatziki; herbed pita; spanakopita and baklava for dessert.

A close up of the culinary stars of the night…fava bean dip/hummus and a nice Chianti…

It was awesome seeing everyone check into the “Jacob House of Cats”…and it eventually trending on foursquare.

Oh, and for the record, we have a hookah room people…NOT a hooker or hook up room. Geesh. What a bunch of perverts.

We even maintained the whole Medi theme into the hookah room with some stellar Mediterranean grape tobacco.

Alright people, stop stuffing your faces, chit chatting, smoking it up and let’s watch this #WatchThis already!

But first!

Make sure you grab some good ole-fashioned movie snacks and popcorn!

We even made sure that there was some lotion around so that nobody would get the hose. Bet Buffalo Bill’s lotion didn’t smell as fantastic and didn’t have the fabulous moisturizing qualities as ours did.

I think my boo looks WAY hotter as Hannibal than that Hopkins fella. Dontcha think? #JustSayin

Thanks to everyone who came and made it such a fun night!

And thanks to Al & Al for their fantastic take (except for the absolutely horrid pics of me) on the night’s festivities!

Our #SOTL night even made the news! Well, okay, some pics about the #SOTL from the #WatchThis blog made it in the news package about Al & Al’s #WatchThis project…but still…pretty freaking exciting! Look for the pics around the 1:18 mark!

Can’t wait for the next #WatchThis at the Jacob House of Cats on Wednesday Nov. 24th, for another fave of ours, #9: Schindler’s List!


Don’t forget that Wednesday May 26th is the FREE screening of movie #60: Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark at the 20th Century Theater at 7p!

How pimp are Al & Al for scoring this screening??!!

Absolute P-I-M-P I tells ya!

So make sure you spread the word, tell all your friends! The goal is to fill this place up! 20th century will even be selling concessions for the screening. DOUBLE PIMP!

Click on the poster above to get a flyer for the screening. Print it out and leave it all around town so people will know…and will come! Or email it to everyone you know!

Also, make sure you RSVP and share the FB event invite with everyone also!

Let’s make Al & Al proud, people!


~ by Maureen on May 21, 2010.

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