7,000 volunteers

400 community service projects.

1 day.

4 hours.

1 Kick Ass Community Party.

1 city.

1 God.

A lot had changed since 2009’s GO CINCINNATI.

Firstly, there were more people this time around. And more work to do. But no one seemed to really care as all of us piled into Crossroads last Saturday morning for GO CINCINNATI 2010.

If you’re gonna ask 7,000 volunteers to all be somewhere by 7:30 a.m., well by gone it, you better have some damn good coffee ready for all of us! Thank you Crossroads for not disappointing any of us. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your turtle blend was the main fuel for our group!

I don’t think it’ll ever get old…seeing a giant auditorium fill with people, all with the same goal, coming together at the same time and experiencing a spiritual pep rally like no other.


After the pep rally, we exited like a sea of white-wearing angel ants upon the city of Cincinnati.

Our group was assigned to do gardening at the main location of St. Vincent de Paul located on Bank Street.

To be honest, when we got there, we all looked around the garden/courtyard area and thought/said out loud, that we didn’t really have that much work to do. There were a few weeds here and there, but overall, well maintained.

But we took Sarah’s word (one in white and who has been working/volunteering at SVDP for the past three years) and did as we were told and assumed our roles of volunteer gardeners.

And before you knew it, we were all huffing, grunting, squatting, on our knees, wheel barrowing mulch, like garden ants, all intent on making the place look spiffy.

And by the time we were done, the place actually DID look different after all the work we did.

Needless to say, we were very proud of ourselves.

I think the best compliment that we got from one of the clients/patrons that was there that morning at SVDP was, “Wow! Looks great! Looks like the Krohn Consevatory up in here!”

I think that pretty much was the best pat-on-the-back that we could get…or give ourselves!

We were all tired and hungry and couldn’t wait to get our dirty butts over to Washington Park for GO GRUB!

David Falk did it again.

He lay his celebrity chef/restaurateur pimp hand down and rallied all the top, local, gourmet restaurants to not only feed us 7k volunteers but feed the entire Washington Park community as well.

What a sight it was to see residents of the community noshing on Senate’s trailer trash hot dogs, getting served by Jean Robert and having the honor to sample Take The Cake’s famous shrimp biscuits…ALL FOR FREE.

Absolutely friggin mind blowing.

And that’s why GO CINCINNATI will now be an annual tradition for me…God willing.

*MAJOR* kudos to Brian Tome, Kyle Schlegel & Kelley Kruyer, the GO Cincinnati Lead Team, and Crossroads Community Church for outdoing themselves once gain…five years in a row! *curtsies & hats off to you guys*

See, the one and only news coverage by WLWT, here.

I’m really shocked and saddened that they were the only ones to actually do any major coverage. What else could’ve been bigger, better, more newsworthy…and more important…than 7k people changing a city one kind act at a time?

Hey local media, how about next year, you get more coverage of this awesome event that happens here in Cincy.

You owe it to your city.


~ by Maureen on May 19, 2010.

5 Responses to “GO CINCINNATI 10”

  1. Love the outdoors, love to work out, and love to go to church. Hubble Heaven Photograph

  2. For something so very large I am also suprised that WLWT was the only major media coverage. Good post Maureen! But for your tweets and blog I wouldn’t have known about it!

  3. Great great blog Maureen!! I love it. I hope you don’t mind I forwarded the link to some peeps… I wanted to share the awesomeness 🙂

  4. @cg: i know it saddens me greatly that it didnt get more attention :*(

    @mari: of course!

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