The Week-end: 5/8/10

Started the weekend on Saturday with Metromix’s Summer Kick-Off Party at Neon’s.

Was it ironic that it was a “summer kick-off” party with pitchers of margaritas & rum runners, margarita shots, beach balls and grilled food and the day’s temperature plummeted in the low 50s and everyone was bundled in their winter coats, huddled around the fire pits?…absolutely.

But once the first pitcher of rum runner/margarita was consumed, you forgot your numb hands and ears and just proceeded to have one good effing night.

And boy was it effing good.

One lesson I learned that night at Neon’s: sometimes it’s hilarious to let your drunk friend swipe your camera. The results are priceless blackmail material.

Check out the official pics from Metromix here.

After Neon’s, it was off to Via Vite’s rooftop terrace for the UrbanCincy 3rd Anniversary Party.


~ by Maureen on May 10, 2010.

One Response to “The Week-end: 5/8/10”

  1. I know who’s it is, but I watched her take it so I’m not spilling the beans.
    Good times.

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