#CincoDeAdam: A Birthday Celebration

The boo‘s birthday was Cinco de Mayo.

But we got a head start on the big day by celebrating early.

All the festivities kept making me feel like it was the beginning of the weekend and not the beginning of the week.

Tuesday night: Romantic Dinner at home

First, there were the gifts…

  • Ridiculously, cheesy, mushy, over-sized birthday card…check.
  • Funfetti cake (that I made myself, thank you very much!)…check.
  • Bottle of Patron…check.

I mean seriously. What else was I supposed to get someone who was born on Cinco de Mayo?…

When I asked Adam if he could eat anywhere for his birthday dinner, where would it be, without hesitation and immediately, he blurted…”Olive Garden.”

Part of my surprise for him was to lead him to believe that we had dinner reservations at Olive Garden.

Which was only partially true…the food would definitely be from Olive Garden…but the venue would be my house.

So I ordered all his favorite food to go for a romantic dinner at home with just the two of us. No people. No screaming kids. No gratuity. No rude servers.

Just us.

And the cats.

Fiona was a very good girl. She didn’t tell Adam about the surprise. She wanted to see his reaction to everything for herself.

Needless to say, Adam was surprised…

Loss for words/taking it all in…

Alright, alright…let’s eat/drink already!

Fiona was determined to get in the action and join us for dinner.

Making sure it wasn’t filled with water.

Trust me…it wasn’t.

Wednesday Afternoon: Bike Virgins

So we have been waiting for the weather to be good enough for Adam to take his bike out.

It would be a first for both of us: a first for me on a bike and a first for Adam to have a passenger.

With Adam being off for his bday and the weather being absolutely gorgeous, we headed out to his dad’s place in Goshen to get his bike.

I do not lie when I tell you that Adam’s dad’s house looks like it’s straight outta a horror movie set in the country.

When Adam said he was a country boy, he wasn’t kidding. He had to move his dad’s tractor in order to get his bike out…#WhiteBoyHotness.

Look! I’m [Adam’s] biker bitch!

Words can’t describe my few first few minutes on the bike. It was absolutely exhilarating!

And the thing is, I wasn’t scared at all…okay maybe a lil…but not enough to not enjoy it.

All I know is, I wanted to get back on it…as soon as I got off and now I want my own bike!

Adam did great! He didn’t kill us or wreck!

We rode from Goshen to downtown Loveland. We stopped to see the Little Miami meander by, then walked around downtown, before grabbing some lunch at Paxton’s Grill.

Wednesday Night: Cinco de Mayo at Nada

Since Adam’s bday is on Cinco de Mayo, we decided to go all out and organize a Tweetup at Nada.

All night, he kept smiling to himself and saying, “I can’t believe all these people showed up to celebrate my birthday with me!”

Balloon elephants make #CincoDeAdam very happy.

It’s not a happening downtown event until Avtar shows up with one of his custom hats.

After Nada, we headed to Fountain Square.

It was a beautiful end to a beautiful night.

Birthday girl and boy.

As we left the square, we came upon this. Wonder if it was a filming of Cops?


~ by Maureen on May 7, 2010.

2 Responses to “#CincoDeAdam: A Birthday Celebration”

  1. Good times Cinco de Mayo.

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