It Was a Blood into Wine Kinda Night

When I heard that one of my top three rock idols, Maynard James Keenan (lead singer of TOOL, A Perfect Circle and Puscifer) bought a bunch of vineyards out in Jerome, Arizona and started to make wine, I thought…”You gotta be effing kidding me! How good can that be?!”

And then when I heard that there was a movie documenting his whole foray into a barrel of grapes, I thought…”You gotta be effing kidding me! How good can that be?!”

I had originally heard about Blood into Wine, from local blogger & wine connoisseur, Michelle Lentz of Wine Girl. And when I heard that she interviewed Maynard, I said…”You gotta be effing kidding me!

And when I heard that the Mariemont Theater was one of the few privileged theaters to actually screen the film and that there would be free wine tastings to benefit Recycled Doggies and the Cincinnati’s Pet Food Pantry…guess what I said to myself?

Luckily, I was able to be free for the last day of the screening/tasting. So off to the quaint little village of Mariemont I went, for an early dinner at Dilly Deli – Wines & Gourmet, then to the theater for the wine tasting by Seth & Tina of Meranda-Nixon Winery. Added bonus of having a wine tasting at a theater screening a movie about wine making? Being able to drink your wine while watching a movie about wine making! Nothing tastes better than caramel popcorn and a chilled glass o’ Riesling…just saying.

I’m not going to go into a lengthy review about Blood into Wine, but I gotta say, if you’re looking for a great insider look into the man behind Maynard, then this is the film for you. It also offers an interesting – and that’s the key word, “interesting” – look into what really is involved in producing a good bottle of wine. Not to mention that it was well directed/shot and filled with snippets of laugh-out-loud humor. Also, the “soundtrack” of the movie totally rocked and took me right back to that kick-ass show I got to see Maynard perform with TOOL at Riverbend last summer. FYI,  Maynard=*drool* Gawd, he’s effing hot.

Oh! Know what the best part of the whole film was…at least for me?! Finding out that Maynard’s vineyards are called…wait for it, wait for it…MERKIN Vineyards! Yup! It was truly a blissful moment for me! I literally had to contain myself from squealing in delight!

The movie left me wanting two things:

1. A taste of Maynard’s wines. I really hope that Chuck of Dilly Deli will start carrying them. Hey Chuck! Maybe we can do a wine tasting of Maynard’s wines and screen the movie, for those who missed it, at the restaurant? Whaddya say?! *Please say yes!*

2. More everything Maynard. I just can’t get enough of his voice! Once I got back to my car, I started cranking all my TOOL, APC cds (which I never leave home without). I know, I know…so sue me!

If you missed the screenings that ran from April 23-29, then you were SOL, but keep on eye out for upcoming screenings.

Who knows, if more people demand it, it might just return to the Mariemont or the Esquire, or even better, the bigger commercial theaters.

Watch the Blood into Wine trailer here:

Find Blood into Wine on Facebook here:

Find Blood into Wine on Twitter here:


~ by Maureen on April 30, 2010.

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  1. Wow am I honestly the only comment to this amazing article?!?

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