#CRGTailgateTweetup2 and #CRG

At the rate this season is going, it seems like the #CRGTailgateTweetups are getting bigger and bigger with each Cincinnati Rollergirls game. And I’ not just talking about our tailgate. Just seems more and more fans are catching the #CRG bug as evident by the two parking lots filled to capacity of people tailgating/socializing with each passing game.

Thanks to everyone who came out to our tailgate, especially Lauren Bishop aka missprint95 & her rollergirl teammates, some #CRG staff, and the CRG’s very own sheepish mascot Wooly Bully for stopping by for some photo opps and some eats before their practice/game.

And a special thanks to Chuck of Dilly Cafe who generously opened his home…and alcohol cabinet/cheese pantry for the unofficial #CRG after-party at his place.

For the next tailgate/game on Saturday 5/29, I will be joining forces with the Cincinnati Women Bloggers for CWB ROCKS WITH THE ROLLERGIRLS.

I, along with AmyInOhio, kellyhudson and udandi, will comprise the tailgate hosting contingent.

So keep an eye out for the official Twtvite, tweets and updates!

We have some very special things in the works for this tailgate, so hope to see you all there!


~ by Maureen on April 24, 2010.

One Response to “#CRGTailgateTweetup2 and #CRG”

  1. cool!
    you got some cool pictures there!

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