Star Lanes/Toro on the Levee VIP Grand Opening Party

To say that the Star Lanes and Toro VIP grand opening party last night was an absolute strike (look! It’s a bowling pun!)…would be an understatement.

Seemed like all of Cincy’s media/business/Twitter-ati were in attendance.

Star Lanes and Toro went all out…and boy do I mean ALL.THE.FUCK.OUT.

There was FREE food, drinks and bowling…ALL.NIGHT.LONG (from 7p-10p). It was absolutely, ridiculously amazing.

So glad that we got there right at 7, since the place packed up quickly and at one point throughout the night, the line to get in was miles (give or take a few) long. We also were few of the lucky ones who got to actually work up a sweat and bowl an entire game.

Thanks and kudos to management and Wordsworth Communications (PR company) for throwing such a kick-ass party. They definitely got it right. By promoting the Star Lanes/Toro brand via social media through contests/giveaways, they created the perfect formula for a successful opening for any venue: business social media interaction + with public = roaring success/buzz.

I can’t wait to go back for the free bowling party for 8 that I won…when it’s a little less crowded.

Star Lanes/Toro opens to the public today at 11a.m.

Go get your bowling/bull riding on people!

It’s definitely the hottest place to have fun on the Levee!

Star Lanes on the Levee: Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare

Toro on the Levee: Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare

Pic courtesy of Metromix Cincy


~ by Maureen on April 23, 2010.

One Response to “Star Lanes/Toro on the Levee VIP Grand Opening Party”

  1. OMGeezlouise, I can’t believe you let metromix take your photo but I wasn’t allowed 😦 It’s a great photo and you took way more photos than I did!

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