Earth Day 2010 Celebration

Last Saturday (4/17) was crazy busy for me, but I was damned if I was going to miss the 40th Anniversary Celebration of Earth Day down at Sawyer Point.

This was my second year celebrating Earth Day here in the ‘Nati and it’s definitely one of the events I look forward to attending every year.

Saturday’s weather (during the day; later on it got really blustery & cold) was absolutely, freakin gorgeous!

So I grabbed the boo and we enjoyed nature, animals and all-things green.

Adam made a comment that was pretty hilarious…about how funny it was for him (country boy from Milford/Goshen) to see all these “city folk” going crazy for the animals at the Sunrock Farm petting zoo.

S’ok. I punched him…lovingly of course.


For all the Earth Day activities around about town today (the official Earth Day), click here.

Also, check out last year’s Earth Day pics from Metromix. The sis & I are #23 of 26!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Also, stopped by the Share Some Sugar booth at Earth Day. It’s a great company concept started by a local gal who is trying to make a green difference…one borrowed item at a time. Give the site a looksie.

The SSS team had their “newest neighbors” pose with Shugie, the company mascot. Can you spot the Mojo?


~ by Maureen on April 22, 2010.

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