If you’re a foursquare geek, or someone who is Twitter/Facebook friends with someone who foursquares, then you knew the significance of last Friday’s date: 4/16 which was officially declared as 4SQ Day (4 squared = 16 = 4/16).

To celebrate, #4sqdayCincy was organized by some members of the local Twitterati.

To add to the fun of celebrating all-things-foursquare, the main point of #4sqdayCincy, was to see if we could attempt to win a #SwarmChal 2010.

So did we??!!

*Drum roll please…*


It was fun watching the tweets go down that night, as we neared the required 50 people needed to earn the swarm badge!

We even got Covington (Cincinnati) to be listed as one of the Top Participating Cities!

Thanks to everyone who ended up being squares with us!

And special thanks to ShannanB and Tom, owner of Pachinko for a successful 4SQDay!

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~ by Maureen on April 21, 2010.

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