#4sqdayCincy #SushiRampage

After the #4sqdayCincy, a bunch of us decided to get our roll on for another edition of #SushiRampage!

We headed to my new fave spot for sushi, Blue Elephant in Oakley. The staff was amazing! They accommodated us all in a timely, friendly manner…and we didn’t even have to wait for our table of 14 or our sushi. Definitely would’ve been a different story if we had gone somewhere else in town.

And the food (both sushi & Thai dishes)? General consensus was that it was all quite rather tasty. I thought it was pretty funny/ironic that of all the dead fish sushi ordered that night, most people raved about how delicious my vegetarian roll (avocado, cucumber, tempura, spicy mayo) was and how they preferred it over theirs! *humane sushi #FTW!*

It was definitely a win/win kinda night!

Thanks to everyone who joined us!: @A_Crutch, @jenlkessler, @RandySimes, @5chw4r7z, @ms5chw4r7z, @Twitricia, @JustinLanier, @GoMariaGo, @grabity, @classicgrrl, @tisenfine, @theboilover and @liviningin.

Until the next #SushiRampage…

~ by Maureen on April 21, 2010.

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