4/20/2010: Keepin It Glassy

Forgot I had these pics on my computer (actually took them back in March when I was in Northside for the “Rocky” #WatchThis), otherwise I’d have posted them yesterday, when it was more appropriate.

These are the beautiful wares of the new “tobacco accessories” store, Whole Nine Yards (literally across from Take the Cake) that, ironically, had its grand opening yesterday.

I think the most expensive pipe that I saw was listed at $250.

Wonder if Fiona & Kitty would like the “natural catnip?”

Had to chuckle to myself as I walked around the store and everywhere the signs screamed…”Tobacco accessories”; “For tobacco use only.”

Yeah right, buddy.

And I’m not really Indian, I just tan real easy.

I think I’ll take the lil piggie home with me.

For “decorative purposes only”* people!


*Or not.

~ by Maureen on April 21, 2010.

2 Responses to “4/20/2010: Keepin It Glassy”

  1. I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Nice. I love the pig. Decoratively of course.

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