Yes on Issue 1 Rally

I’m not really into politics.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m passionate about a lot of issues that are innately/inevitably intertwined with politics (animal rights, human rights, right to life, capitalism, murder, etc.), but I certainly don’t consider myself a politico/talking head/pundit…I leave that job/hobby up to those smarter, and more influential, than me.

Every once in a while though, an issue comes along, that I believe – no matter who’s side you’re on, or what side of the river you happen to live on – has the potential to affect everyone.

This is how I feel about Issue 1.

From the website…

“Issue 1 is a statewide ballot measure that would authorize renewal and continuation of the highly successful Ohio Third Frontier economic development and jobs program. Through this program, Ohio’s investment in technology, research, innovation and entrepreneurs has resulted in more than 571 new companies, the expansion of many other existing companies, and more than 48,000 new jobs for Ohioans.

The bond funding mechanism for Third Frontier, approved by Ohio voters in 2005, expires in 2012. Voter approval of Issue 1 will extend funding of this highly successful program through 2016, at a level of $700 million over four years – paving the way for even more job creation and economic development in Ohio in the years to come.”

Just from that verbiage alone, Issue 1 seems like a no brainer to me, but as we all know with politics, people tend to see things differently. Very differently.

Which brings me back to my “no matter what side of the river you happen to live on” comment I made earlier.

In the comments section of the Yes on Issue 1 Rally Facebook event page, someone left the following comment as the reason for their not being able to attend: “I live in KY.”

I think the ignorance of this comment is staggering, but sadly, I bet it’s reflective of a majority of people in this area. I mean bottom line of the commenter’s thinking and rationale is, how can a ballot measure for Ohio affect lil ole me living in Kentucky?

As a resident of Northern Kentucky – Florence to be exact (on and off since 1987) – almost all of the jobs that I’ve worked in my 30 years of life, have been in the state of Ohio. Not in Kentucky.

In fact, someone asked me last night if “I was a closet Ohioan?” Shoot!, I said, might as well be, since the majority of my social life and expenses are squandered in the lovely Buckeye state.

But my question to the commenter who lives in KY is this…have you, or have you not, lived your life outside of your state? Have you crossed the river to meet up with friends at a downtown eating or drinking establishment? Have you shopped at a retailer in the state of Ohio? What about your family members? Your friends?

People need to stop viewing Issue 1 as a state or regional issue, they should view it as a people issue. An opportunity issue. A hope issue.

Because if Issue 1 passes, maybe all those unemployed people living in KY, will finally have a reason to cross the river and join their neighboring Ohioans…a job.

Click here for a great video that encapsulates the powerful impact of Issue I.

Issue 1 Numbers:

48,000 jobs
571 start-up companies
$6.6 billion in total economic impact in Ohio

Issue 1 Vitals:




Yes on Issue 1 Rally, hosted by CincyPAC at Mainstay Rock Bar


~ by Maureen on April 20, 2010.

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