Opening Day 2010

After twenty-something-plus years living in the Cintucky, this was my first year actually making it down to the official Opening Day Parade. Why didn’t I make it down sooner?

The day started off mild and gorgeous but quickly turned into a mini-scorcher, especially when we were standing in the sun watching the parade go by on Race Street. And when the entire day was said and done, the city was under a tornado watch/warning and there were dime-sized hail falling and torrential downpours…only in Cintucky my friends.

A big thanks to Bob and Erin Marie for being my official “Opening Day Hosts” both at the parade and after, for a fabulous cookout, back at their condo. Before you knew it, it was yet another mini-tweetup in full effect.

Just maybe…next year, we’ll actually stick to our word and get our own float in the parade.

*One can always dream can’t they?*

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~ by Maureen on April 8, 2010.

One Response to “Opening Day 2010”

  1. It wouldn’t have been the same without the pimptastic Mojojacon!

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