Big Bone Lick, Beaver Rd., Bison…and a Boo

You would never tell from looking at me, but I really am an outdoors/active girl. When the weather’s glorious, all I want to do is be outside in it, reveling in all of God’s magnificence and splendor.

So on Friday afternoon, with another glorious day on tap here in the Cintucky, the Boo and I decided to hit up Big Bone Lick State Park in Union, KY.

I still can’t get over the fact that – literally in my back yard, here in the N-K-Y – at one point in history, mammoth, mastodon and ground sloth roamed this area looking for salt springs. It totally blows my mind! You can read more about the park’s history here. I definitely recommend taking the kiddos, yourself…or your boo for a truly unique experience out in KY! I mean where else can you find “remains” of prehistoric animals…and see (live) bison roam on the plains?!

We started our adventure on the Discovery Trail

After our pre-historic lesson, we ventured out in search of the bison!

An American and Indian searching for modern-day bison…

Wonder if the bison, both pre-historic & the modern-day variety, feasted on these clusters of green onions/chives scattered everywhere throughout the park? (Wonder if there were green onions/chives back in pre-historic times?) I know Adam & I preferred them cooked, rather than eating them raw along our hike!

Came across a lot of animal tracks along our hike. Tried to figure out what they were. Can you?

Are we there yet?!

The bison! The bison! They were pretty far out in the middle of the field eating to their heart’s content and really couldn’t be bothered by a pesky lil American boy and Indian girl trying to get their attention.

It was certainly a great afternoon in the wild with the boo…and the bison!

Also, a funny (and very peculiar) thing happened when I checked into Foursquare at the park:

…for whatever reason, tweeps went crazy retweeting my checkin! I honestly don’t know what the hoopla was…I was just reporting the facts!

Either I have really dirty-minded tweeps for friends…or people just really, really, really like the words “big bone lick” and “beaver road” together in a sentence. They loved my tweet so much, that almost instantaneously, those words became a trend in Cincy…according to cincy…for three days straight! Eek! My parents would be so proud! Who knows?! Maybe I can get the trend etched on my tombstone!

Seriously? Why was I even surprised? I mean the wise, old Ben Franklin said it best when describing Big Bone Lick State Park (on Beaver Road)…who wouldn’t be drawn to this place?!…

It’s a lip-smacking good time…with a salty aftertaste!



~ by Maureen on March 22, 2010.

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  1. u guys are crazay!!

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