One Flew Over the Fireplace

We haven’t used our fireplace in years. I mean, years.


Because I’m a #CrazyAnimalLady and allow birds to nest/chill out in it.

Sure, the catch is that we don’t get to enjoy the warmth & glow of a roaring fire during the cold, winter days but the great payoff is hearing the delightful sounds of a chirping symphony, literally right in our living room. Click on the video below to see what we get to hear…

Birds in the Jacob House of Cats from Maureen Jacob on Vimeo.

Aren’t you afraid, they might get trapped there and won’t be able to fly out?…you might ask.

See, the birds don’t die. They are smart and always fly in and out freely. How do we know? Well for one, we can hear them. Oh, and plus, we’ve never smelled any sort of decaying bird carcasses, so there’s that assurance, that everything and everyone’s cool.

However, last year, a bird didn’t make it back up the chimney and flew out of the fireplace and right over my head as I sat on the couch working on the computer. I eventually caught and released it. And the ironic part? It happened at the height of bird flu season!

And then there was that one night last year, a baby bat made its way out of the fireplace. Yes! A baby bat. Cutest lil fella he was. Got to admit, it threw us for a loop. I mean it was a bat! It was a lil nerve-racking trying to catch it, as I didn’t want to hurt its delicate body, but eventually, we released the lil guy in one piece.

We thought we were done with all the winged drama for a while…until last week, we could hear a bird struggling to get up the chimney and the cats started doing this…

Kitty and Fiona are usually nonchalant about the birds and their going ons, so when they pay attention, we know something is up.

It was quite distressing to hear the bird fluttering and chirping. At one point, I looked up there and it looked back down at me, sizing me up, to see if I was friend or foe. I even put out some food and water and tried to reassure it that I really meant no harm.

It must’ve understood me because soon after I put the food and water out…it flew out!

It circled around for a bit but I finally got a hold of the lil fella…

He was such a sweetheart! He loved it when we talked & cooed at him and petted his soft head. He remained remarkably calm, as evident by his heartbeat that quieted down as I held him. He never pecked me or squawked at me. He really was such a doll baby!

And of course, Fiona had to make sure he measured up to quality-cuteness assurance…by smelling him to death. Kitty on the other hand, proved to be the real pansy that he is…and fled into the unknown…for fear of his life/safety/sanity.

Soon though, it was time to say goodbye to the sweet fella :*( .

He flew away to the top of the tree in the backyard.

Wish he would’ve been up for staying with us for a while.

So long friend!

Funny part about all of this? I released the bird the same night that I had my Free* small group! Coincidence? I think not!

Until the next winged visitor stops by!

Maybe I should start calling it the “Jacob House of Cats…and Birds!”

All pics by the sis.

~ by Maureen on March 17, 2010.

One Response to “One Flew Over the Fireplace”

  1. u really have animal powers. i can’t believe he let you catch him and let us pet him. that was def a memorable sisterly moment, parseltongue-speaker.

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