Boo Picnic

The Boo and I wanted to take advantage of the record-breaking high temps last week, and the fact that he was on spring break, so we decided to have a picnic!

Unfortunately, Mother Nature was acting like a lil biatch and decided to literally rain on our scheduled picnic day.

We decided to not let her ruin our plans and we braved the overcast skies, blustery winds and freezing rain and headed out to Miami Meadows Park (practically in Adam’s backyard.)

Armed with goodies from Kroger’s deli hot food section (best picnic fare selection ever!), a huge-ass sub from Walmart and a few libations, we enjoyed the beautiful park, nature, wildlife…and each other.

I ♥ boo picnics.

Can’t wait to go back when the weather’s more spring-like!

And when I wasn’t looking, Adam carved this for me in the picnic table…



~ by Maureen on March 16, 2010.

2 Responses to “Boo Picnic”

  1. Carol and I got a nice picnic basket for a wedding gift, I can’t wait to break it in! And ona side note, whenever I type or say the word “picnic”, I am mentally saying “pik-a-nik” in a Yogi Bear voice 🙂

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