#SidSitting at the House of Sid

When Bob & Erin Marie asked me to cat-sit Sid (say that five times fast!) for a few days last week, it was like Christmas morning all over again!

I was so excited at the prospect of hanging out with Sid that I even added the “House of Sid” on Foursquare! (I know, I know…I’m a geek. SO SUE ME!)

At first, Sid was wondering what the heck I was doing in his house and hesitant to come say hi to me.

But eventually, he overcame his silliness and we ate, we cuddled, we kissed, we played with string, toys & my necklace, we watched some TV, we watched the clouds & traffic go by and we watched the sunset…oh, and we blogged.

Needless to say, we became fast friends.

He’s a real sweetie…but boy, oh boy, can the fella talk a girl’s ear off!

S’ok though.

I enjoyed every meow.

And every furry kiss.

I like to think that Sid gained a new mommy those days…for life.

Thanks Bob & EM!

When do I get to do it again?!



~ by Maureen on March 11, 2010.

One Response to “#SidSitting at the House of Sid”

  1. Yep, you captured his personality there.
    Thats totally him.
    Now he’s spoiled rotten, thanks.

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