Ignite Cincy #2: Best of Slides

Thanks to my friend Brooke, I was lucky to snag a ticket to the coveted/sold out Ignite Cincinnati #2 at the Know Theater on Wednesday night.

Since #IgniteCincy is all about the presentations – 14 presenters. 5 minutes. 20 slides. 1 subject. – I thought I’d recap with what I thought were the best of the best slides of the event. They might seem random and that’s because the presentations were (click here for the speakers)…but that’s kinda the point.

And probably one of the most important slides of the night (besides Rick Payne’s presentation about bone marrow donation) was this…

Click here to learn more.
And after the presentations, came the socializing…

Can’t wait for IgniteCincy #3!

~ by Maureen on March 6, 2010.

One Response to “Ignite Cincy #2: Best of Slides”

  1. 0_0 the female stormtrooper.WOW

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