Gateway Quarter Final Friday 2/26/10: OUTSIDE and Cafe de Wheels

*This is the first in a series of blog posts about my Final Friday experiences.

Not even the imminent threat of snow, blustery winds and freezing temps could keep us away from the OTR’s Final Friday last week.

In a way, it was a silly social media game/personal challenge/incentive/ that I held myself to: see how many FF places I could actually “check in to” on Foursquare. Hey?! What better way for a social media fanatic to spend her Friday night, than with friends/people she loves and enjoying a FREE event, FREE food and FREE alcohol…AND have some SM fun?! (Oh, and fyi Bob…SM=social media and not this S&M)

Game was definitely on.

It was a beautiful night as we headed out…

First stop in the OTR was the Cafe de Wheels burger truck parked outside of…OUTSIDE and meeting up with our (initial) twitterati entourage for the night: distortedgirl, A_Crutch, 5chw4r7z, ms5chw4r7z and recycledbin.

First, placing orders outside…

…then heading into OUTSIDE to devour the delicious food…

Umm, hello people?! Do you see that veggie burger? I can’t even begin to tell you how juicy and “fresh-tasting” it was! Definitely can taste the secret ingredient…beets (but not in a bad way.) Absolutely deelish! Oh, and the sweet potato fries were great as well! Make sure you check the rest of their menu out the next time they are out and about!

After we stuffed ourselves, we got to socializing…

And enjoying the great hospitality, libations and inventory of owner Terry Lee…

Terry made the wintery weather outside of OUTSIDE seem to disappear and miles away with his special cocktail for the night (or maybe that’s what my buzz was making me feel!) It was like summer in a glass…

While Terry’s son, Zac, lay down some kick ass house music…

Terry has so many cool and unusual items in his store. You owe it to yourself to stop in sometime.

You can find OUTSIDE on Facebook.
You can find Cafe de Wheels on Blogger, Facebook and Twitter.


~ by Maureen on March 2, 2010.

2 Responses to “Gateway Quarter Final Friday 2/26/10: OUTSIDE and Cafe de Wheels”

  1. Good times, I'm glad we got to hang out Friday night.

  2. hanging with you guys is always a blast! love it!

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