Mom Genes

Jessica Simpson has been making headlines due to her recent weight gain.

And yes, Simpson is definitely heavier than when she was filming the 2005 “Dukes of Hazard.” No one is denying that. Pictures don’t lie.

But seriously???!!!

The relentless coverage of Simpson’s weight gain is just plain…well…redunkulous!

So freaking what?!

The Texas native loves her comfort food! And she obviously has genes that make it a challenge for her to indulge in her cravings. But then again, who doesn’t?

The double standard in our society regarding women and weight is once again painfully brought to light.

There are COUNTLESS males in the entertainment/media industry who have let themselves go.

Why is it when men pack on the pounds, it doesn’t make the nightly news? Why are men still respected and revered, when they DON’T age gracefully and become overweight? Why is that a ticket to “distinguished?” I mean if Diane Sawyer or Katie Couric even gained an OUNCE of poundage…and it showed, you better believe they would be getting a public outlash.

When Simpson and other public women gain weight, it’s plastered all across print and broadcast.

According to the “reports,” Simpson is now a size 10. The world thinks that size 10 is fat?! Have we forgotten that the national, average dress size for women is a size 14?!

When Kevin Federline packed on the pounds, it did get some coverage, but nothing on the Simpson…um…scale.

I’m just sick of these double standards.

Sick. Of. Them.

If we women can “put up” with men and their beer bellies, then they…and the rest of the world…OWE it to us, to put up with ours.

Fair and simple.

On a side note, the real travesty in all the Simpson-weight-a-plazooa? Simpson’s fashion sense…or lack there of.

No one…whether a size 00 or 30…should be caught dead, wearing “mom jeans.”

No one.

~ by Maureen on January 31, 2009.

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