The Great Survival Guide of The Great SnOMG of ’09

The sun shined…briefly! View of backyard.

So how does a girl entertain herself during The Great SnOMG of ’09 in Cintucky?

I present to you, listed in no particular order, how I “survived.” (I’ll be adding to this as the day(s) go on)…

  1. All things blog related: posting, reading, surfing, brainstorming, etc.
  2. Eating more calories because of boredom.
  3. Imbing copious amounts of alcohol: including PBR and wine.
  4. Playing with Fiona & Kitty.
  5. Watching crap load ‘o movies: “Good Will Hunting,”Definitely Maybe,” “The Passion of the Christ,” “Eyes Wide Shut.”
  6. Fielding numerous, multiple calls a day, from folks (mom especially), checking in from the Caribbean.
  7. Not doing cardio, like I should.
  8. Catching up on reading: “The Purpose Driven Life,” “He’s Just Not That into You,” TIME, O Magazine, Bible.
  9. Taking copious pictures of snow outside.
  10. Waiting excitedly and with bated breath for Jonathan Hawgood’s live, field reports because he said this during the first day of coverage, “…snow is not mashed potato consistency.”
  11. Getting buzzed with the sis, belly-laughing at anything/nothing.
  12. Tweeting like never before, being amused, amusing others.
  13. Reviewing prospective job offers, making life decisions.
  14. Feeling nostalgic, rummaging through old family pictures.
  15. Making/eating copious amounts of quesadillas.
  16. Texting/chatting/calling friends.
  17. Tweezing eyebrows.
  18. Facebooking/Myspacing like there’s no tomorrow.
  19. Preparing for meetings to make life decisions.
  20. Taking random, 2hr naps at all times of day.
  21. Catching up on DVR’d shows.
  22. Being a human sofa for Fiona and Kitty.
  23. Surfing the net.
  24. Eating spicy peanuts.
  25. Eating copious amounts of hummus and crudité.
  26. Downloading new music.
  27. Listening to Tool, E.S. Posthumus, Tori Amos.
  28. Making new playlists on iTunes.
  29. Drinking lots ‘o English tea.
  30. Figuring out/explaining what the different snow emergency levels are.
  31. Watching “Inside the Actors Studio” comedian marathon. Chris Rock was phenomenal.
  32. Cooking: Thai noodles
  33. Being snow-blown out by kind neighbor, not just once, but twice!
  34. Driving around with Mands, looking for salt, on our lil “adventure.”

Since, Mayor Mallory just declared it Family Day, and the majority of people are on their second snow day from work/school, I’m curious…how did all of you make do and “survive” The Great SnOMG of ’09?

Let me know!


~ by Maureen on January 29, 2009.

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