A New Year, A New Blog

So here I am.

This time has been long in the coming.

For the majority of my 29 years here on this earth, people have always wondered why I – the writer by trade, profession and innateness – have never put my thoughts to paper or on computer screen.

It’s really been an oxymoronical conundrum to which I don’t really have reason or solution for. I just never did. I’m the writer, who never writes, unless paid or deadline-pressured. I have countless dear diaries and journals that I’ve started and abandoned either in boredom, apathy or busyness.

One resolution that I made to myself this year: write. Write more. Write more frequently.

So, I’m trying to keep that resolution.

So I start this year, with a lot of changes in my life. Some voluntary, others not. But all, most assuredly – as is with the rest of my life – are divinely directed by God.

Hopefully this blog will help me document and make sense of it all.


~ by Maureen on January 16, 2009.

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